SBLD Studio is an award-winning WBE firm internationally recognized as a leader in the industry. Since 1994 we have built a reputation for cutting edge lighting design solutions for large scale, complex architectural and interior projects. We are dedicated to the design of architectural lighting systems with an emphasis on creative and integrated solutions. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we employ a broad array of methodologies supporting all aspects of our design process; from the development of conceptual studies and presentation techniques, extensive lighting simulations and technical analysis, leading on to detailed documentation and construction management including site related trouble shooting and problem resolution. Our philosophy is “hands on” from start to finish, assuring all projects are successfully completed as conceptualized.


Our current staff of ten consists of three principals, Susan Brady, Sara Demel, and Bruce Taylor. There are also one senior designer, four designers, as well as two administrative personnel. The combined staff experience covers architectural lighting design and related disciplines including environmental design, interior design, architecture, industrial design, and electrical engineering.


Our portfolio encompasses a broad variety of domestic and international projects including: corporate office interiors, law firms and trading floors; academic and civic institutions; commercial buildings and lobbies; healthcare and laboratory facilities; historic preservation projects; sports and recreational facilities; performance venues; transportation facilities; museums, art and exhibit spaces; landscape lighting; restaurants, hotels and hospitality projects; retail and showroom spaces; and themed entertainment environments. 


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